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21. Assembly
21. Replacement kits (engine)
210. Engine
210. Engine components
211. Cylinder head
211. Cylinder head assembly
211. Cylinder head replacement kit
211. Injector sleeve repair kit
2112. Cylinder head gasket kit
2114. Supplemental engine overhaul kit
212. Cylinder block and cover
212. Cylinder block Assembly
212. Flywheel housing
212. Flywheel housing assembly
213. Cylinder liner and piston assembly
213. Cylinder liner sealing ring repair kit
214. Rocker arm assembly
214. Valve mechanism, EBR
215. Camshaft
215. Timing gears
216. Crank mechanism
216. Repair kits, main and big-end bearings
217. Oil pan
217. Oil Pan Assembly
22. Assembly
221. Oil pump
222. Oil filter and housing (engine)
223. Oil cooler
223. Oil cooler replacement kit
23. Assembly
233. Fuel pump replacement kit
2334. Fuel filter, engine
2346. Fuel lines, engine assembly
237. Injectors
25. Assembly
251. Intake and exhaust manifold
253. Engine brake
254. EGR cooler
254. EGR cooler replacement kit
254. EGR valve replacement kit
255. Turbocharger
255. Turbocharger replacement kit
257. Crankcase ventilation (side)
258. Emissions, after-treatment
258. Emissions, After-treatment hydrocarbon injector filter
258. Emissions, selective catalyst reduction (SCR)
26. Assembly
262. Coolant pump and thermostat
262. Coolant pump assembly
262. Coolant pump replacement kit
263. Drive system (fan)
27. Assembly
28. Assembly
283. Engine, control system
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