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Wheel WTF/WTD/WTT-D275
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Parts on group FL6 Volvo:

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
1. 20362960 [X]   Disc wheel   SP 6.75-19.5" VO
   20362950 [X]   Disc wheel   6.75-17.5" VO
_ 1070810 [X]   Disc wheel   6.75-22.5" VO
_ 20362990 [X]   Disc wheel   7.5-22.5" VO
_ 6775890 [X]   Disc wheel   7.0-20.0" VO
_ 20362970 [X]   Disc wheel   SP 7.5-19.5" VO
_ 20362980 [X]   Disc wheel   8.25-19.5" VO
2. 6853598 [X]   Valve   VO
   6872148 [X]   Valve   VO
3. 1500977 [X]   Valve extension   OP LG=140mm VO
   363631 [X]   Valve extension   LG=180mm VO
4. 363632 [X]   Valve extension   VO
5. 1502001 [X]   Valve extension   LG=50mm VO
   1621456 [X]   Valve extension   LG=180mm VO
6. 363633 [X]   Bracket   VO
7. 1575378 [X]   Valve   SP VO
8. 3950217 [X]   Protecting ring   VO
9. 947971 [X]   Wheel nut   phosphated VO
   982270 [X]   Wheel nut   painted VO
10. 3954390 [X]   Nut cap   VO
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