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Standard hardware, clamps and brackets 3

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3. Standard hardware, clamps and brackets
31. Assembly
3131. Battery box
32. Assembly
321. Alternator
33. Assembly
331. Starter motor
3331. Pre-heater
35. Assembly
35. Control unit, lightning
35. Lamps, marker lamps (chassis)
352. Lamps, marker (roof)
3521. Lamps, headlamps
353. Lamps, tail lamp
354. Lamps, interior (door)
354. Lamps, interior (headliner)
3552. Lamps, side indicator
356. Lamps, back of cab (accessories)
356. Lamps, fog lamp (accessories)
356. Lamps, fog lamps
356. Lamps, warning flasher
356. Lamps, warning flasher (accessories)
36. Assembly
36. Relay
36. Solenoid valve, differential lock
36. Solenoid valve, power take off
3621. Horn, electric
363. Headlamp washer
363. Washer fluid reservoir
363. Wiper motor assembly
3637. Wiper arm
364. Alarm (cab)
364. Cigar lighter, dash board
364. Control panel (door)
364. Controls, remote door locks
364. Power outlet (dash board)
364. Switches (dash board)
364. Switches, turn signal and wiper
3640. Control units
3646. Main switch, battery
3662. Immobilizer, control unit
37. Assembly
37. Cable harness, marker lamps (chassis side)
37. Cable harness, selective catalyst reduction
371. Cable harness, ABS
371. Cable harness, lighting (rear)
371. Cable harness, trailer brake
3714. Battery cables (battery box)
3714. Battery cables (cab)
3714. Battery cables (engine)
372. Electrical center, fuses and relays
372. Electrical distribution central (battery box)
3723. Cable harness, electrical center
373. Cable harness, chassis (front)
373. Cable harness, engine
373. Cable harness, gearbox
373. Cable harness, headlamp
3741. Cable harness, instrument
3741. Cable harness, instrument (centre)
3741. Cable harness, instrument (driver side)
3741. Cable harness, instrument (passenger side)
375. Cable harness and switch, speed limiter (cab) (accessories)
375. Cable harness, bulkhead
375. Cable harness, connector (driver door)
375. Cable harness, connector (passenger door)
375. Cable harness, connector (rear door)
375. Cable harness, door
375. Cable harness, heated windscreen
375. Cable harness, marker lamps (cab)
375. Cable harness, overhead
375. Cable harness, overhead (driver side)
375. Cable harness, overhead (passenger side)
375. Cable harness, steering column
3751. Cable harness, bodybuilder prepared
3751. Cable harness, cab
3751. Cable harness, roof sign
376. Cable harness, chassis (rear)
376. Cable harness, differential lock
376. Cable harness, fuel sender
376. Cable harness, rear suspension
381. Instrument cluster
381. Instrument, hourmeter
381. Instrument, tachograph
384. Back-up alarm
386. Sensor (gearbox)
386. Sensor, fuel level
3861. Sensor, ambient air temperature
39. Assembly
393. CD Changer (accessories)
393. Radio
395. CB/Radio Coaxial Cable (Overhead)
397. Control unit, mobile telephone
397. Dynafleet
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