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81. Assembly
81. Floor plate, pedal
811. Plating, overview (outside)
811. Wheel housing
817. Rear section
817. Rear section, frame
824. Front section
824. Front section, frame
827. Foot step, first door
83. Assembly
83. Hatch, battery box
83. Hatch, engine compartment (behind rear axle)
83. Hatch, engine compartment (rear)
83. Hatch, fuel refilling
83. Hatch, luggage compartment (behind rear axle, R.H.)
83. Hatch, luggage compartment (first, L.H.)
83. Hatch, luggage compartment (first, R.H.)
83. Hatch, luggage compartment (second, L.H.)
83. Hatch, luggage compartment (second, R.H.)
83. Hatch, radiator
83. Hatch, silencer
831. Door and mounting (driver)
831. Door and mounting (first)
836. Roof hatch (body)
84. Assembly
841. Emblem (body)
843. Window (rear)
843. Windscreen
844. Window (driver)
844. Windows (overview)
846. Mirror (outside)
848. Destination sign (front)
848. Destination sign (rear)
852. Seat and mounting (driver)
853. Seat and mounting (passenger side L.H.)
853. Seat and mounting (passenger side R.H.)
853. Seat and mounting (rear bench)
854. Seat and mounting (guide seat)
855. Floor hatch (inside)
86. Assembly
861. Bumper (front)
861. Bumper (rear)
863. Mudflap
872. Roof panel, light and speaker (passenger)
874. A/C compressor unit
88. Assembly
881. Dash mounting
881. Dashboard
882. Curtains
882. Luggage rack
882. Mirrors, rear view (interior)
882. Partition wall (behind driver)
882. Partition wall (first door)
882. Sun visor, roller blind (driver)
882. Sun visor, roller blind (passenger)
89. Assembly
891. Ladder (body)
892. Towing device (front)
896. Emergency hammer
896. Fire extinguisher
896. Safety equipment
896. Tool box equipment
896. Tools
897. Decals (body)
8971. Decals
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