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TB-77296259-1. Standard hardware, screws and nuts 13, B12R
Function group:

3. Standard hardware, clamps and brackets
3. Standard hardware, screws and nuts
31. Assembly
3111. Battery
32. Assembly
321. Alternator
321. Alternator assembly
33. Assembly
331. Starter motor
331. Starter motor assembly
3331. Pre-heater
36. Assembly
3621. Horn, electric
364. Starter button
364. Switches (dash board)
364. Switches, emergency (dash)
364. Switches, light (dash board)
364. Switches, start (dash)
364. Switches, towing connection (floor)
364. Switches, turn signal and wiper
3640. Control units
37. Assembly
37. Cable harness, sensor unit
37. Cable harness, telematics system
37. Standard parts, wiring
371. Cable harness, towing connection
371. Contact unit
3711. Cable harness, drive cockpit
3714. Battery cables (battery box)
3714. Battery cables (engine)
3715. Cable harness, alternator
372. Electrical center assembly
372. Electrical center, fuses and relays
372. Electrical centre bracket
372. Electrical distribution box
372. Electrical distribution central (battery box)
373. Cable harness, engine
3741. Cable harness, tachograph
376. Cable harness, cable channels
379. Cable terminal
379. Cable terminal, contacts
379. Contacts, pin
379. Contacts, tab
379. Insulators, moisture proof
379. Standard hardware, pin
379. Standard hardware, tab
38. Assembly
380. Fuel shut-off
381. Instrument cluster
381. Instrument, tachograph
383. Tachometer sensor
386. Pressure sensor
386. Pressure sensor, wet tank
386. Sensor, yaw rate
3860. Sensor, ABS
3860. Sensor, Brake lining wear
3861. Sensor, ambient air temperature
39. Telematics system
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